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Now I have to think twice when I text guy and calling them daddy and papi this might happen. I'm going to pass out

I thought Venom was gonna be the first Spider-Man Spinoff

This will be a 'firm pass', with an Ewww! added, for good measure. 😒

It was kinda disturbing... Especsially the nudity of the male part.... Not sure


At 1:11 is she trying to get her to bite her????

Where. Is. My. ROONEY MARA?!?!?!


YOOHOO screenwriters did you even read the book! If this wasnt a part of the millenium series i wouldnt be even interested. There is so much wrong with. The casting, the story, the tone. First of all you should have used David Finchers cast! had David Fincher direct it! Lisbeth Slander has an Identical twin. Whats with all the american accents? Sweden Hello! Lisbeth is suppose to be very skinny. Claire Foy is beautiful but the wrong choice..

get a Remayne who can do both


The scariest part of this trailer is the Wish ad

Huh...sorry being mean but this is called A LITTLE BIT couch APOCALYPTIC

Lol zombies would be destroyed just section of the area with them in it and burn it down

Gostei, no final será isso mesmo : seleção natural...

La prra cmamo dejo morir a todos los humanos por su egoísmo xd


What a disaster. Sony could've made so much more money had they just let David finish the series with Rooney and Daniel. This'll flop hard. TRASH. the girl in the crawlspace did i end up hear....movies are going worse from worse nowdays How am I watching this now? Did I pass out for 3 years 😐🤨 Should of kept the same cast as the last one! Rooney Mara & Daniel Craig were great.

That looks interesting... Zombie movie I don’t get what this movie is about.






  • 1000 / 1000